Prison Pulse Report

At FCI Allenwood, we were put on a modified lockdown, starting at 2 p.m. every day until further notice. The reasons were vague; just “for the security of the institution.” The memo announcing the lockdown could not be printed out, so we can’t share it. Visits were canceled, we can’t access the library and calls are limited to 10 minutes (rather than 15). The entire unit heard one of the staff members say he is “at war” with us. The day after he said that, he trashed the rooms of two whole tiers. There is a reason why no one exercises their rights to remedy the situation here by filing grievances. I asked for a form to file concerning some personal they indiscriminately threw away and was told the three times they don't have it. Then I was told (politely!) that there would be “consequences” for following through. I've been through a lot in the 23 + years I've been in, but this spot is more dangerous for doing time than any other spot I've been to.
March 2024


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