Prison Pulse Report

We woke up to a lockdown, and I need to take meds each day at around 7 a.m. By 9 a.m. I still had not received my meds. Finally, staff opened my cell and told me I could go to medical. But when I was halfway there they turned me around and made me go back. By this time, it was close to 10 am. So, I covered my window to get the CO's attention. When he came around, he was really pissed off and told me to take the covering down. I told him I'd take it down when the lieutenant came to talk to me about my meds. In response, he opened the tray slot in my door and pepper-sprayed me and my cellie. Then he yelled down the hall that we were fighting. He wrote us up, stating that he sprayed me cuz he saw me punch my cellie. I was sent to the SHU for 25 days until the shot was expunged. (Fortunately, I got my meds in the SHU.) My cellie confirmed I didn't hit him and the medical evaluation showed no sign of a fight. Nevertheless, I was fired from the job I'd had for almost a year. (I've since been hired by a different C.O. in the Rec Department.)
April 2024


FCI Atlanta