Prison Pulse Report

W.H. from the B-4 dormitory was in the SHU and his property was not secured or inventoried. So, when he returned, it was gone. He became angry and threatened to "tell the police about your shit" if his property wasn't returned. Such a threat is always considered dangerous in prison, and the rest of the dorm residents told him he was no longer welcome; he would have to check in. W.H. reported this to the lieutenant, who sent him to the SHU for five days (three of which were spent in a dry cell for no reason). On March 14, 2024, however, he was ordered back to the B-4 dorm. He was again sent away, and this process occurred four times throughout the day. The three lieutenants on duty insisted that no one was available to re-assign W.H., and/or that he should take his "Black ass back to B-4 and own up to your bullshit like a man." And the only way they would allow him to return to the SHU was to provide information about illegal activity going on in B-4, including names. (At one point, the lieutenants also said he'd have to get his "ass kicked" and charged with assaulting an officer.) Eventually, one of the lieutenants accompanied W.H. to the dorm and ordered the other residents to take him back. Prisoner T.S. then asked, "So what are we supposed to do when bullshit happens in the dorm? Aren't we supposed to try to contain it?" A verbal exchange ensued, including racial comments from Lt. H. (such as the word "boy"). The lieutenant then ordered a C.O. to cuff T.S. and take him to the SHU. In the rough process that followed (including T.S. trying to see the names of everyone present), T.S. was maced in the face by Lt. H.
March 2024


FCI Coleman Low